Support Networks

Support Networks

Lives built around people not services.

A KeyRing Network offers support through a trained team of staff and volunteers. It builds peer and community support options.
Each network has nine or more network Members (people we support) who live close by.

A network place offers:

Housing and tenancy support – Some people are stepping down from other services or are homeless. Others already have a home but are struggling with the responsibility.  We can support people to get housing in the network area or support them in their current property.

The property will always be in their name. It is not tied to their support.

Independent living skills - Skills to build or maintain independence. This could be budgeting, support with wellbeing or any number of things that move people further towards independence. 

Skills and talents sharing - Everyone has skills and talents. We ensure that each network Member recognises theirs and explores what they want to achieve. We connect people with other network Members and encourage them to share these skills.  This is called mutual support.

Community connection - We also connect people with their local community. People become good neighbours and explore the resources in their local community. Life is so much more than services.

Trained teams – Teams are trained to start with what people can do and explore how they can increase independence. We use outcomes star support planning tools to help us with this. Further support comes from local volunteers and hubs. Access to a 24/7 support line is also provided.

We also offer intensive support options and one to one hours.

Flexibility – the range of support options within the network model encourages network Members to think further than their support worker. They may call a friend if they are worried about something or visit their local café if they feel lonely. As their independence increases, they can step down their support. Or, if something comes up, life is like that, we can also flex up the support. 

The more connected people are the less their lives are focused on services and the more independent they become.


Support network circle

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