Want to Commission KeyRing?

Our job is to make your life easier!

KeyRing has a great track record of working with commissioners to design a service which meets their needs. Read about our network model and our range of other services on our What We Do page.

We understand your budget constraints and will do our best to find a way to provide the support you want in an affordable way. Whilst we won’t compromise on quality and safety, many commissioners have appreciated our innovation and flexibility. Have a look at our independent report The Financial Case for KeyRing to find out how KeyRing can save you money.

We understand that every location is different and will work with you to meet your needs.

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We are experts in working with a wide range of partners to make things happen and ensure that a collaborative approach to issues such as safeguarding are taken.

Contact Mike Wright on 07920 292 817 or at mike.wright@keyring.org.

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