What people say

How can we prove that we are as amazing as we sound?

We are a humble bunch but being told that we are making a difference is what keeps us going. You can read some of our compliments and independent reports on this page. 

Our favourite report is the financial case for KeyRing. It tells people that they can save money by commissioning us. Saving money and changing lives. Who could ask for more?

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"I ... have met some lovely people ,we look out for each other and have a great camaraderie to one another. The support workers,  Kim, Tracey, Anne and Dezzy are amazing and give great encouragement to us and give us some self-worth. Thank you so much for making a difference to my life."

- Kenneth Longstaff, Darlington KeyRing Member via Facebook 

"I just wanted to say thank you for all your support these last few years. Without your support I believe we would have been homeless by now. A key component to the rapport you built is you understanding and taking me at face value especially considering my dual diagnosis of ASD/ADHD which many people misunderstand. People like you are rare & truly important to society."

- Kae Fairhill, former KeyRing Member, Flintshire 

KeyRing “has gone over and above expectations with A in order to ensure her safety and wellbeing. Without (them)... A would experience significant harm from others.”

- Kim M - Social Worker in Oldham 

"My life has changed for the better since I contacted Ancora. They didn`t just help me with my problems, but they taught me how to deal with things myself. I feel happy and confident and the best thing is, I can help other people."

- Mandy, Ancora project participant 

"Thanks to KeyRing for supporting with and facilitating a safe hospital discharge for an elderly patient."

- Social Worker 

"Happy with the support my son gets and the way that KeyRing understand and help him. We would always recommend KeyRing."

- Margaret Pierce, Parent to a KeyRing Member

"KeyRing helped me to sort my grievances out at work... I was given the chance to speak about all the things that had happened... I am very grateful for the support that Adrienne (my support worker) has given me."

KeyRing Member in Lambeth



Here are some reports that have been written about KeyRing:

Financial Case for KeyRing - This independent study demonstrates that it is possible to achieve cashable savings of £187,168 per annum/£3,599 per week using the KeyRing model.

Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) -We are part of the TLAP Directory of Innovations. Read more about our creative approaches to supporting people in the community.

Governance International - showcases case studies of good practice, showing how organisations and communities can achieve better outcomes and efficiency savings.  

CSED case study - The Department of Health's Care Services Efficiency Delivery report said that KeyRing Networks are "cost-effective, as the costs of a network are, over time, more than offset by reductions in other forms of support as members become more self-sufficient."

Evaluation of our Recovery Network - A partnership approach with Addicts4Addicts, this report shows the success of our pilot working with recovering substance misusers.


Here are some external links to people we work with:

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