Why We Do It

We asked our Chief Executive, Karyn Kirkpatrick, and she says:

A woman with short hair in front of a white wall "KeyRing originally came about from talking to people with learning disabilities about what they wanted from life. Time and again people say they want their own home, to be free to live life how they want, to have friends, romance and families. Social Care limitations mean that people have to show need, disability and lack of resources in order to get support. These two positions are incompatible; everyone has something to offer.

"KeyRing create an environment that offers just enough support, through peer support, volunteer support and skilled community enablers. It is built upon the skills, knowledge, and experience of the people we work with (Members) and their networks. In the same way, we are working with many others through Think Local Act Personal and #SocialCareFuture, with our Local Authority partners and our community partners.

"The world we want to see is one where people are at the heart of their communities, sharing skills and talents for the whole community’s benefit. We are keen to share our experience and approaches with Local Authorities, organisations and groups."

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