Paula's Story

Paula's Story

Paula tells us, in her own words, how her life was turned around by the support she got through KeyRing. 

My name is Paula* and here is my current journey with the help and amazing support of Diane (who works for KeyRing).

Writing paper and envelopes, a notepad and a pencil

I was in a very bad place before I met her, I was diagnosed with bi-polar type 2, anxiety and Depression. I didn’t go out the house unless it was an emergency. I lost a lot of weight, my confidence and self-esteem. I couldn’t deal with finances or day to day things I was lost and in a very dark place.

I had been going threw many problems including domestic abuse, muscular dystrophy and mental health. I was under Positive Steps with Fran Arthurs and she referred my case to KeyRing. I was put in the Intense Support group... that’s when I was blessed with Diane, and that’s when my life started to change for the better.

What an amazing lady. Diane went above and beyond to help me in the right direction. She learnt me to have strength and hope and also guided me. Diane has pushed me without force to a much better happier life.

Diane has made sure I am on the right track all through my problems, she has supported me in life skills and give me the determination to get me this far in my life which is a very happy place. Diane put me forward for a job interview with KeyRing which I haven’t had an interview since I was 18, I was very nervous and anxious but she came and supported me and I felt a bit less nervous.

It was an amazing and very comforting interview. Diane spoke for me when I got anxious and I got the job.

Wow this lady had seen something in me that no one else could, that was the start of this amazing journey that I am currently experiencing. I have since been to KeyRing and sat with Claire the Regional Manager for the north-west twice being involved with interviews.

Soon, I start a new project with KeyRing, paid work and amazing start in the right direction for the future, I am proud of myself but more proud of Diane she has been by my side on my good and very bad days. She has guided me in such an amazing transformation that I never thought would ever happen.Diane is the most comforting, special, heartwarming, amazing lady. She has turned my life around and I never ever thought I would every be at such a happy point in life. Before Diane my future looked horrible, depressing and I didn’t have no hope. Diane is my guardian angel and I can not thank her enough for what she has done, what an amazing lady.

Thank you so much Diane, you are super. All my love and thanx, Paula xxx

* Paula's name has been changed


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