Support in Oldham

We offer a range of different support options in Oldham. On this page, we look at these options in a little more detail.

Oldham Networks

Community Hubs

Intensive Support 

One to One Support


Oldham Networks 

People who join our networks may be looking for support with securing, managing or maintaining a tenancy. They will either live or want to live in one of our networks areas and may need help to be more connected in the community.  

We offer flexible support for people with a variety of support needs in their local community. Our networks of support have a Community Living Volunteer who lives in the network area and up to 10 other Members living nearby. The volunteer offers day to day responsive support and connects Members with their local community. Living in the area the volunteer knows and is well connected within the community. 

Support is also provided by our team of Community Enablers.

Three people walking down the street together with carrier bags

Network Members will be supported with:

  • Housing applications, moving house and maintaining a tenancy.  
  • Benefits: form filling, appeals and assessments. 
  • Mail: Reading, understanding and following up. 
  • Budgeting and financial support. 
  • Reporting repairs and anti-social behaviour. 
  • Connection with other specialist services. For example Mental Health Services or Children's services.
  • Support with medical appointments and improving physical health. 
  • Finding employment, education and volunteering opportunities. 
  • Sharing skills and knowledge with other Members and the local community.
  • Prevention of social isolation. 
  • And anything else that helps develop independence/ life skills 

Our Out of Hours service means that Members can access advice and guidance 24 hours a day.  This may include medication prompts and welfare calls where appropriate.  

We have networks across Oldham in:

  • Littlemoor  
  • Holts  
  • Barker Street Estate  
  • Shaw 
  • Royton  
  • Fitton Hill  
  • Hollins  
  • Failsworth  
  • Chadderton South  
  • Chadderton Central  
  • Chadderton 3 (Crossley Estate)  
  • Oldham Central 



We believe that every person has their own set of skills and by sharing these skills a natural Network of mutual support is formed.  We extend this to the rest of the community. 

Connection, friendship and skill sharing. 

Contact details:

Jane Dodgson - - 07415 273 555

Donna Calverley at - 07825 426 850


KeyRing Hubs in Oldham

Out hubs are open to everyone.

Come along to our local Hubs for a warm welcome a brew and a chat.  Each Hub offers a variety of activities.  You don’t need to be a Member of KeyRing.  

Monday 3pm – 5pm at the Barker Street Community Centre, Oldham.  

Wednesday 11am – 2pm at the Nelson Way Community Centre, Chadderton.  

Friday 11am – 2pm at The Community Shop, Fitton Hill.  

You can always call us before you come along or just pop in.

Contact details:

Jane Dodgson - - 07415 273 555

Donna Calverley at - 07825 426 850

Four people standing together


Oldham Intensive Service 

The KeyRing Intensive Support Service is a highly skilled team of Community Support Workers who offer support to people in crisis. 

The service is designed to: 

  • meet the housing and social care related support needs of socially excluded, vulnerable people in Oldham 
  • be responsive to the needs of hard to reach groups 
  • enable people to achieve and maintain sustainable independent living 

Key aims are the prevention of social exclusion, homelessness, and crime amongst vulnerable households, and the development of the skills and community links needed to build successful lives, including access to better health care, education and employment. 

Support is flexible and is based on each person’s strengths and assessed support needs which can fluctuate on a daily basis. Support is time-limited to 12 months. 

The intensive service supports people to:

  • exercise more choice and control in their lives, including advocacy support 
  • prevent homelessness, access permanent accommodation and sustain tenancies 
  • negotiate their way through the criminal justice system 
  • report and address issues of anti-social behaviour and safeguarding incidents 
  • sustain people in their communities 
  • manage finances, maximise income and reduce debt or the potential for debt 
  • better manage their physical and mental health 
  • enhance independent living skills 
  • develop social networks and opportunities for peer support 
  • access volunteering/employment/ leisure/education/training opportunities 
  • liaise with other professionals or access specialist support 
  • reduce social isolation 
  • increase self-confidence and well-being 
  • manage personal and family relationships 
  • encourage positive parenting 


For more information about the service please contact:

Diane Chatterley - - 07506 594 049

Denise Foster - - 07951 616 515


Oldham One to One Service 

Person-centred one to one support for adults who are living independently. This is funded through a personal budget. People accessing this service will have been assessed as having a support need under the Care Act. There is also the option to self-fund this service.

A woman standing and smiling at the camera

The Community Enablers work alongside a wide range of outside agencies to deliver a 
high-quality service. These include Adult Services, health professionals, mental health professionals, substance misuse agencies, housing, probation, police, benefit agencies, Citizen's Advice Bureau (CAB), the local community, voluntary organisations, parents and carers. The service supports people to gain or maintain skills to live independently in their own homes.

These are some examples of support provided by the service: 

  • Tenancy related issues 
  • Offending 
  • Benefit support 
  • Advocacy 
  • Accessing and engaging in employment/Education/Training & Volunteering 
  • Social inclusion 
  • Safeguarding 
  • Medical issues/appointments 
  • Exploring hobbies and interests and developing these into meaningful activities 
  • Life skills including cooking, maintaining the home, shopping 
  • Health and fitness 
  • Community Inclusion – support to find out about what is available in the area, attend groups, hubs, activities, gardening projects etc. 
  • Developing and maintaining positive friendships and relationships   



For more information about the service, please contact: 

Donna Calverley - 07825 426 850 

Louise O'Neal  louise.o'  - 07908 102 699 

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