Making it Real

Making it Real

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Making it Real

In 2018 we signed up for Think Local Act Personal’s Making It Real framework.

Making it Real calls for people to be central to their care and support.

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Our strategic review

We were inspired to put the people we support at the heart of our strategic review. So, we spoke with Members and staff across the country and asked them to:

  • Describe KeyRing in a word
  • Think about the future of KeyRing and what we should keep doing
  • Talk about what we should stop doing

People really feel passionate about KeyRing and our future. They want more people to experience KeyRing support.

People said that we are supportive, helpful, friendly, honest, social.

We found some common themes that we built our strategy around. Then we went back to people and made sure that we'd got it right. Only then did we ask the board of trustees to sign it off (they'd been involved throughout and were really supportive).

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Measuring impact

We must get better at measuring our impact and the key impact that we have is on people's lives. As part of deciding what we will measure and how, we involved people from all functions of the organisation including those whose lives we impact, our Members. People have the chance to share stories and discuss what impact they want us to measure. They are involved at all stages of this project.

In our workshops people identified:

  • Why we want to measure our impact
  • What success looks like
  • How we might measure success and impact
  • What things tell us that change has happened
  • How we would like to hear about impact and success
  • How we make sure we keep impact measurement relevant

Over the coming months, we need to:

  • Bring all this wonderful information together
  • Use this to create a system that measures impact well
  • Ensure that we continue to learn and refine it
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