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Support stories

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You at the centre of your story

You can achieve so much. All of our stories are about people who have taken control and built a life that they are proud to lead. Our support will give you the confidence and skills to do the same.

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Shaun didn't always believe he could get a job. Now he is an international project worker for a human rights charity.

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Shaun had worked in a hotel and a warehouse but he was not given any opportunities to progress. He had also been bullied by his colleagues. His KeyRing worker helped him apply for a job at CHANGE, a human rights organisation where people with and without learning disabilities work together as equals.

Shaun has now worked there for 21 years. In that time he has worked on projects about parenting, hate crime, respect, inclusion and making information accessible. He was travelled the world training young people with learning disabilities. Now he is working on an LGBTQ+ project.

Shaun also works at St Mary's Hospital in Leeds as part of the Involvement Team. They make information accessible in booklets and leaflets on different health issues. 

In between these jobs Shaun does freelance work. He works with Photosymbols, another range of pictures for use in easy read documents. As a result of this work he has been offered other freelance jobs too.

Having a job has meant that Shaun has been able to travel abroad. He also likes going out with friends and having his own money to spend, and being able to spoil his wife! They have even been able to buy a house together in the Philippines. "You can make a decision about what you spend your money on. If I wasn't working I couldn't do that".


Peter is a KeyRing Member in Oldham. He shared his story with us as part of a webinar we organised with the Association of Mental Health Providers. It was held in Mental Health Awareness Week and the full video is available to watch on the AMHP website.


Alana had been in supported living for 13 years and wanted to live independently.

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Alana wanted to move from supported living. We supported her to bid on properties and visit when an offer was made, and helped her to secure a decorating grant. We also helped her to plan the move so that she could do it gradually and be fully involved in getting her flat ready. At first Alana received 40 hours outreach support in addition to support from KeyRing. This included support with:

  • setting up utilities and payments
  • setting an alarm system
  • budgeting
  • managing her health
  • looking after her flat
  • letters
  • being part of KeyRing and meeting other Members (people we support)
  • planning a holiday

Now, Alana only has KeyRing support and she doesn’t need us for much. She looks after her flat and has started a savings account. She loves to travel and has even been on holiday by herself.


Bryan had just been released from custody and needed support to connect with his family and manage his finances.

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When Bryan joined KeyRing he had recently been released from custody. He initially joined our Intensive Support service as he had a number of issues that needed to be resolved. He had no ID, low income, was very isolated and only focused on his health issues.

Working with his Community Enabler, Bryan was able to get ID, successfully apply for Personal Independence Payments (PIP) and make a budget plan which he manages well. Bryan has now returned to volunteering at a local charity shop where his confidence has grown. He regularly takes part in KeyRing activities, joining the Hubs and developing friendships with other Members.

He sees his mum and daughter regularly.

Through volunteering, being part of his community and spending time with his family Bryan’s confidence has grown and he now focuses on the things that are going well in his life.

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