Working for Justice group

Members of this group have learning disabilities and have been in the Criminal Justice System as suspects, defendants or offenders.

KeyRing runs this service user group, with the support of the Prison Reform Trust. The group meet 4 times a year. They give feedback on their experience of the Criminal Justice System to others with a professional interest in this area.


The group have won an award at the National Learning Disabilities Awards (2014). This was for their work in making the Criminal Justice System more accessible for people with learning disabilities.

In 2009, the work of the group was recognized by the Longford Trust, who awarded the group a 'highly commended' prize.

This same year the group worked with Lord Bradley on The Bradley Report: a review of people with mental health problems or learning disabilities in the criminal justice system



Members of the group have also been involved in several high profile projects, delivered awareness training and and have even had their say at the House of Lords and the House of Commons!



The type of work the group regularly covers at meetings includes:

  • Informing criminal justice staff of their 'story' and their ideas for making the system better for people with a learning disability.
  • Their reactions to new ideas for policy and practice in the Police, Courts, Prison and Probation Service.
  • Making information in the Criminal Justice System more accessible ('Easy Read' documents).
  • Informing health and social care staff of their needs and issues when they were in the Criminal Justice System.
  • Working with academics researching learning disabilities in the Criminal Justice System.

Click here to hear what visitors using the group say about their experience.

Click here to download more detailed information about the group, including how we got started and our hopes for the future.


KeyRing's Criminal Justice System Flyer



Click on this link Download the Working for Justice flyer pdf to download KeyRing's flyer.

If you would like an agenda item at a future meeting please contact the group Chair at Neisha can advise you on the best approach when presenting your agenda item to ensure you get useful feedback and recommendations.