KeyRing and the Criminal Justice System

KeyRing and the Criminal Justice System

KeyRing is working with the Criminal Justice System to help offenders with a learning disability, autism or both.

KeyRing has been involved in work in the Criminal Justice System for many years. We have worked directly with the Prison Reform Trust, Bemix (formerly The Skillnet Group), the Department of Health and NHS England on learning disability projects relating to offenders with learning disabilities, autism or both. KeyRing has also delivered several programmes of awareness training for different criminal justice professionals.

Finding the right package of support for someone with a learning disability, autism or both can be the key to turning their life around. This is also true for people with a learning disability, autism or both who find themselves in the criminal justice system.

The Working for Justice group helps the criminal justice system to support people with learning disabilities, autism or both. The group won the National Learning Disabilities Award (2014) for their work making the system more accessible.

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Danny's Story

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Danny was sent to prison originally for not paying a fine. This led him into a criminal lifestyle, in which he served a total of 22 years and 9 months in prison for various offences. Danny struggles to read or write. Once stuck in the cycle of crime, unsupported, Danny continued to struggle with communication and was unable to understand the demands involved in setting himself up in the community.

39 years after his first offence, Danny joined his local KeyRing Living Support Network. The support this group offered him has allowed him to create a life for himself and he has not offended since joining this Network 8 years ago. The support given amounts to just a couple of hours a week, helping with paperwork, maintaining a tenancy and being involved in the community.

Hear Danny talk about his experiences...

Access Magazine, a lifestyle magazine focused on learning and physical disabilities, published an article concerning the treatment of people with learning disabilities within the criminal justice system. The article includes a case study from a KeyRing and Working for Justice group Member who, through no fault of his own, experienced life on the wrong side of the law.

cThese eye opening stories cause us to take action, to push for equality and fair treatment for everybody in all aspects of society, including those within the criminal justice system.

To read Justice For All? - Learning Disabilities and The Law (April 2014) click here.

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