Who We Are

We are KeyRing

We are an adult social care provider inspiring people in England and Wales to build the life they want to live.

We see the potential that people have and our services support them towards independence. Life is more than a support package and staff teams. That’s why we connect people with each other and their local community. That way everyone can benefit.

Our vision is a welcoming world with communities that celebrate the skills and talents of everybody.

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Our Mission Statement

"KeyRing connects people and inspires them to build the life they want."

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We work in communities so our structure starts here with the volunteers who live locally to our Members. Our local Community Enablers provide support to KeyRing Members in an enabling way so that people take control of their lives, connect to their communities and develop, use and share their skills and talents.

The Support Managers manage the local teams of Enablers and volunteers. They make sure that the service is the best it can be. They promote the service so that more people can be involved and they support in the referral process.

We have four Regional Managers who manage the Support Managers. They are also committed to making sure that we are delivering amazing quality services in the areas that we work in. They look after the budgets, quality, and support learning across KeyRing.

Our Senior Management team implement the strategies that the trustee board have set. They ensure quality of KeyRing services, oversee the budgets and make sure that we are compliant with the law.

Finally, as a charity and company limited by guarantee, we are overseen by a volunteer trustee board. They oversee everything that we do from setting the strategy to being responsible for our work and finance.

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