Great support changes lives.

And saves money.

 We support people to build strong and independent lives through flexible and connected support.

Everyone has skills and talents. We inspire people to develop and share them. People who are part of KeyRing are called Members. Some Members have disabilities or mental health needs. Some are over 50; some are under 21. Many of our Members are somewhere in between.

All of our Members have something to offer.

Our Members rely less on costly support and instead become part of their community.


The KeyRing network map
Connects people to each other to share their skills and build their independence. KeyRing support is provided in the local community.
A calculator with a finger pointing at it
Inspires people to get better with money. It helps people who wouldn’t otherwise receive support to avoid financial hardship.
The Ancora logo - An anchor with the slogan 'Helping people in Oldham to overcome crisis'.
The Ancora project empowers people in crisis. It helps to build resilience as well as providing immediate help.


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