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We know that our approach is a bit different from traditional services; we do it because it really works and has done for thirty years. People still talk about us like we are the latest innovation. It works because it is truly personalised to each individual and we’d work with you, too, to tailor our offer to best suit your local population’s needs.


Supporting people to build independence and connection isn’t just the right thing to do, it actually saves money.  Have a look at our independent report The Financial Case for KeyRing to find out how KeyRing can save money, right from the beginning and for years to come.  

The Local Government Association (LGA)’s Social Determinants of Health and the Role of Local Government (July 2020) states:  

Vulnerable adults may have some of the poorest health outcomes in the community. For example, women with a learning disability have a life expectancy 18 years lower than women without a learning disability. This gap can be reduced through support for housing, educational, employment and social opportunities. 

KeyRing’s approach is exceptional at helping people smash the barriers to achieving all these personal goals, which, together, address the Public Health inequalities in communities.  Read the stories of Anika, Bryan, Sam and Anthony.

Mental Health has become especially important during the current pandemic and our uninterrupted, adaptable support has made a huge difference to helping people avoid hitting a crisis in their mental wellbeing.  Take a look at Robert’s story as an example.  

It is also a great solution for unblocking the system. Where people can move to the next level of independence they should. If they can’t, they will be helped to overcome any barriers that might be stopping themTake a look at Laura’s story.

We won’t compromise on quality and safety. Feel free to have a conversation with us to explore how we can bring some KeyRingness to people in your area. 

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Here are some reports that have been written about KeyRing:

Financial Case for KeyRing - This independent study demonstrates that it is possible to achieve cashable savings of £187,168 per annum/£3,599 per week using the KeyRing model.

Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) -We are part of the TLAP Directory of Innovations. Read more about our creative approaches to supporting people in the community.

Governance International - showcases case studies of good practice, showing how organisations and communities can achieve better outcomes and efficiency savings. 

Evaluation of our Recovery Network - A partnership approach with Addicts4Addicts, this report shows the success of our pilot working with recovering substance misusers.

Moving through services

We started out to offer people an alternative to residential care for learning disabilities. We now work with many different people to provide move on and additional options to residential care and supported living.

We ensure that we have a well-planned, flexible and person-centred approach that provides people with the support they need when they need it. This can begin before they move from their current support.

Building independence changes lives and saves money. The cost savings come from moving people from more costly environments and also from a reduction of costs to others such as the police, social workers, community nurses and hospitals.

This all works to create a system where there are opportunities for people to move to a better solution for them. Or as we like to say, a system that isn’t blocked.

For more information contact Mike Wright on 07920 292 817 or at

Alan's journey

“I have just had a lovely phone call from one of my residents... He was calling to say how great it had been to get so much support and help from everyone and that is what is needed at times like these... He suggested that you should all get some kind of recognition for the work you are all doing. Thanks to everyone there, and keep well. ”

Sam Al-Hamdani, Local Councillor

“Diane is so committed and dedicated and incredibly hard working. She has that ability to work with people who find it very difficult to engage or develop trust and she is completely person centred and focussed on the needs of the individual. She is very non-judgemental and always supports them to represent their views, wishes and feelings in meetings. I’ve lost count of the number of conversations where we have all commented how good Diane is and how much we enjoy working with her.”

Social Care Lead, Learning Disability and Autism Team

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