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Commission us

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Local support, for local people

If you are looking to build a support option that promotes independence, is cost effective and tailored to your local area, let's talk.

"It’s great to have your enthusiasm and support... to work with someone who shares the same passion/vision!!" 

- Senior Social Worker 

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How to commission us

We work with health and social care commissioning teams to get the right support for people in your local area.

Read more about commissioning KeyRing
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Personal budgets

Using your support budget to access KeyRing. You can find out more about how we support people with direct payments or individual service funds.

Read more about personal budgets
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Value for money

KeyRing support saves money even after people have moved to independence.

Read more about how KeyRing saves money
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Health benefits

KeyRing support improves wellbeing and reduces health inequalities.

Read more about health benefits
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Building independence

KeyRing support pushes people to try things for themselves, to build their own independence.

Read more about building independence
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Read some of the evidence that professional bodies have gathered about us.

Read the reports


How much does KeyRing cost?

We work with local authorities who spend between £50k and £1m per year. KeyRing will work with you to find a service that meets your aims and ambitions as well as fitting within your financial envelope.

Who does KeyRing work with? Which client groups?

We support a range of different people. Everyone who joins KeyRing has faced some barriers to living independently. They may be moving to their very first home or be at risk of homelessness. They may have multiple support needs or lead a ‘chaotic’ lifestyle.

We prefer to say that we support people. In some areas we work with certain teams. It could be learning disability teams, mental health teams, older people teams, drug and alcohol teams, transition teams or any other local team. We can work with you to find an approach for your area.

See which teams we work with in your local area.

How do I go about procuring KeyRing support?

The first step is to have a chat with us. We have experience of being procured in a number of ways. These include direct procurement, approved provider frameworks and tendering processes. To chat with us call Claire on 07813 988 564 or email

Is KeyRing just a low level preventative support option?

No, we save time and money by preventing people’s needs from escalating but that isn’t all we do. We also offer move on support from more intensive and costly levels of support as well as short term support, and community-based support. KeyRing support is all about connecting people and supporting them to build their independence.

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Do you provide care?

We are not CQC registered. Where regulated care activities are required, we work with local providers.

Do you work as a subcontractors?

We work in a range of local authorities and with a range of partners. We have experience of working with other providers both as a lead provider and as a subcontractor. We are happy to be part of a contracting arrangement that works locally.

“We have developed great relationships with the KeyRing team. We all feel that working in partnership together has been hugely successful and long may it continue.”

Linda McKie, YMCA Newcastle

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