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We make a difference for people and communities.

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An infographic. The title is “The KeyRing Way. Saving money and changing lives”. Underneath it says that the cost avoidance and cashable savings of 3 networks supporting 30 people is £131 per annum. Below that is says that there are £278k additional preventative savings from the following: 30% of Members avoiding psychiatric patient admission. 25% of Members no longer needing weekly social worker/care coordinator visits. 30% of Members who were at risk of homelessness avoiding eviction. 10% of Members no longer needing weekly visits from the Learning Disability Nurse. 25% of Members no longer needing visits from the Community Psychiatric Nurse. 20% of Members no longer needing weekly drug/substance misuse visits. The source for this information is Housing LIN.

Saving money

The Financial Case for KeyRing is an independent study from Housing Lin. It illustrates how KeyRing networks achieve a net financial benefit of £130k per annum across 30 people

The CSED Case Study is a 2009 case study from the Department of Health. Although the figures in the report are out of date, the assertions made about the nature of savings, and the scope of use for networks are still relevant.


Project evaluation

Evaluation of our Recovery Network - A partnership approach with Addicts4Addicts, this report shows the success of our pilot working with recovering substance misusers.

Ancora is an Oldham project that supports residents through crisis. In September 2021 it was evaluated by the University of Hull who found there was "great potential for Ancora-like approaches to deliver immensely positive outcomes for populations with significant and complex needs."


Mental health support

A globeIn 2021 we featured in World Health Organisation: 'Guidance and technical packages on community mental health services: Promoting person-centred and rights based approaches'. The research from the WHO demonstrates good practice in mental health services. We are one of only three UK based services to feature.



Local Government Association Case Study - a case study on our Oldham services that forms part of the LGA's health inequalities hub.

We are part of the Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) Directory of Innovations, sharing our creative approaches to supporting people in the community.

Governance International showcases case studies of good practice, showing how organisations and communities can achieve better outcomes and efficiency savings.

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