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Volunteer with us

Volunteers join us for lots of different reasons.

Our volunteers bring lots of different skills and learn lots of new ones. They are passionate about connecting with others.

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Volunteering for KeyRing

Volunteer skills and local knowledge help make KeyRing different to other support services. Volunteers offer a different perspective and are valued members of the KeyRing team. For some volunteering is a stepping stone into other social care professions, for others it is a way to give back to their community. We'd love to chat with you whatever your reasons for volunteering. 

There are lots of different ways to volunteer with KeyRing. You could give a few hours a week when it suits you as a Community Connections Volunteer or you may volunteer your skills for a particular project.

You can see all our current vacancies here

If we don't have any volunteer positions for you at the moment then take a look at where we work and get in touch with the local manager.

Steph's Volunteering Journey

"I started my volunteer journey when I started having meetings with Michelle, (my KeyRing supporter) she was the first person to understand me completely, she helped me gain the confidence I needed to go out into my community and meet people, after a while I was able to go to the hub that Michelle was running.

After a few more sessions, I was able to let go of the dark emotions that had been holding me back, and my confidence grew... Michelle asked if I would help with running the hub meetings along with another person. I have now been helping for a while now... lockdown has been difficult for us all, we kept up with the meetings by video call... When the first lockdown ended we started meeting in a park, socially distanced, it was nice to be able to see each other in person, and then to go back to the church.

I am now an official volunteer with KeyRing, and sometimes can't believe how much my life has changed in just 2 years."

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