All Things Digital at Bexley Hub

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By Sue Davey and Joanne Wetheridge, Bexley Community Support Workers

Two people looking at a smartphoneOur Bexley Hub takes place every week. One day each month we do a digital takeover where KeyRing Members talk about all things digital. They learn and build on skills using devices such as tablets and smart phones. The hub is supported by KeyRing and amazing volunteers from AbilityNet.

At the start of the sessions, Members were shown the basics to ensure that they understood how to use their device. Over the months, Members have been helped with lots of different things:


  • Mark wanted help in setting up an EDF energy online account so that he could check his energy usage.
  • Simon wanted some music on his phone so he was supported to set up a music app.
  • A Member wanted help with a photo stick. He was shown how to use it.
  • Another Member was shown how to set up and access his email account so that he can send and receive emails.
  • David was going off to the USA and he wanted to be able to message his friends and family whilst over there. WhatsApp was set up for David and he was shown how to use it before his travels. It was a great success. And it helped avoid massive phone bills!
  • Another Member is learning to drive. The Driving Theory Test practice app was set up for him and he is now enjoying practicing the questions ready for when he takes the test for real.
  • Members now bring along any on-line forms etc., that they need help with. The Members are then supported to complete the tasks involved.

"We’ve found that over time, Members have become more and more confident in their IT skills. Now, there is a lot of peer support taking place and Members are sharing their skills with each other – everyone’s confidence has grown hugely."

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