20 April 2020

BLOG: My Story About Covid-19

By Thomas Bromley

Well where to start with the lock down?

That first week that it started that i started to upload videos to YouTube of me singing and you can look on my YouTube channel..... Thomas Bromley...i also put them in our Members and staff whatsapp group, made them smile.

I like our group its fun and staff post things we need to know.

I also decided to shave my hair, using a beard trimmer my picture here is how it looked wen I had finnished. 

So let me talk about how i am doing. I am OK i don't have the virus but i have bin keeping me good like i have bin following the rules like going for walks and going to the shops when I need.... tracey sent out some activity packs. I have asked her to sent me more word searches and colouring she is going to get me some colouring pencils too. I have also joined the pen pal group and I am looking forward to getting my pak from tracey, I speak with staff everyday and tracey asked me today if I had got my pen pal pak, I sed no and then when she looked she had not send my pack out coz I was late join the group, very funny.

Also that i can't see any of my family and i know its hard at this time but i know that we all can get through this and hope everyone is ok.