29 June 2020

Build Back Better

2020 has been an eye-opening year so far. We’ve learnt so much about ourselves and the people we support. Some things have gone really well and we need to learn from them.


For example, who knew that so many people would enjoy connecting through Zoom and WhatsApp?

Now is the perfect time to make changes so that we don’t lose all the good things that we’ve learnt. As a team, we are making sure that happens.

We’ve also signed up to the Build Back Better campaign. People are talking about going back to a new normal. To be honest, we weren’t all that happy with ‘normal’ before and we think this is the time for ‘normal’ to become something brilliant.

Build Back Better is the campaign for a coronavirus recovery plan that builds back better. 

It’s time for a new deal that protects public services, tackles inequality in our communities, provides secure well-paid jobs and creates a shockproof economy which can fight the climate crisis.


You can read more about the campaign here: