Chain Reaction members share their stories

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Three members of the Chain Reaction project have shared their stories in a new book!

‘In the footsteps of Walker Women’ features the stories of a range of women living in Newcastle.

A photo of Judith, an older white woman, holding a copy of the book.Leigh Burnarde, a worker with Chain Reaction who is mentioned in the book's acknowledgements, introduced some of the women she works with to the author, Helen Aitchison. Judith, Jan and Irene each contributed a chapter to the book, telling the stories of their lives in Newcastle. They have all enjoyed sharing their lives and have become good friends with the other women involved in the project.

Judith said “It makes me feel very good to be part of this book. Everybody had different life stories each one different to each of the others. It's a bit of a history that I now feel part of.”

Irene said "I'm happy to be part of this book. I am happy to be sharing collectively part of history with others from my area. As it is an historical book which will be held in the British Library museum I believe, it's nice to know that my memories will be kept forever."

You can get a copy of the book on the Write on the Tyne website.

Chain Reaction supports people over 55 to live independently and offers opportunities to socialise, make plans, and get involved in their local community.

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