11 June 2020

Falguni's Poem

Falguni is part of the Rugby Hub in Warwickshire. She has written this poem to share her feelings about the Coronavirus pandemic.


This wonderful world of mine has fallen ill
A jewel of beauty, this planet that is my keeper
But now she wants to reset her barren wheel
Beauty that once was, now needing a breather

As the doors closed and the fear rose
Panic set in, and the future unknown
Wanting to keep loved ones close
Is this now the time to atone?

The silence, the worries, the bills, the kids
No one to talk to, no one to help
Everyone seemingly off the grid
Feeling emotions that had never been felt

Locked in at home, a place that is safe
But for some this was not the case
Hoping & praying abusers would behave
Alone in darkness, thoughts would race

A surge of energy and home baked goodies
A reluctance to deal with the real world
Hoping the horrific death rate would ease
This disease, this monstrous killer was undeserved

The sun is shining, the birds are singing
The parties are starting, the danger continuing
People want to get back to life and living
They let us out but warn of more deaths ensuing

What comes next I believe is a new normal
Friends & family, those who have been missed
Not seeing you has been necessary but awful
We will meet again and savour a great feast