Getting Going project concludes

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The Getting Going project was designed to support people with learning disabilities and autism to get closer to the workplace.

It was supported by the European Social Fund and ran from December 2020 to May 2021.

1:1 support was provided online to 17 people by a project worker and peer mentor volunteers. They worked with participants to look at the barriers to work they were facing and start to make a personal plan.

While some participants got jobs, others found places on courses they wanted to study or took charge of their health. Project worker Ela said "I think we all did really well, every person who has attended has be able to access some support to help them."

Some of our participants said:

"I have got a finance job which I am enjoying very much, the course helped my confidence to grow."

"I did a healthy eating plan and feel like my diabetes is better controlled and hopefully I will be able to start volunteering."

"I got on a music course this is my dream, I love music."

Support Manager Tracey Lloyd said: "We supported people who just wanted to build their confidence around using zoom/meeting people, to finding work for people/courses/training/housing/benefits. Although this course was totally run online, we had a good turnout week after week and it worked really well, we didn't come across any real barriers.

Oldham university were great to work alongside and we ended up with some really focused peer-mentors."


For more information about Getting Going you can contact Tracy Hammond at or on 07957 477 020.

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