13 July 2020

Illustrating Housing Choices

Diana Smith works in our London team and has been supporting people to understand housing choices.


It's important that we see beyond our own services. Often this means people moving to independence but sometimes it means exploring alternative options with them.

"If any of you need a comic-book style representation of housing choices to support understanding I have just made a little infographic with minimal language and lots of bright, wibbly watercolour!

I couldn’t quite find what I was looking for in terms of pictorial guides for people with learning difficulties so here is what I have come up with, feel free to use or share if you think it could be useful. I use them as visual prompts to explore what people want rather than having to rely so heavily on printed or verbal information which can be tricky."

A watercolour painting showing different types of housingA watercolour painting showing different types of housing