Lambeth Members on the front line

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Some KeyRing Members have carried on working throughout the Coronavirus pandemic.

We spoke to two Members in Lambeth who both have front line jobs.


Cecilia works as a kitchen assistant in a hospital.

Cecilia has been working there for 8 years. She is a key worker so she is still going to work during the Coronavirus crisis.

She started as a volunteer and then was offered paid work. She now works two weekdays and one weekend day each week. The work includes cleaning and mopping, and kitchen work preparing the food for the hospital staff.

She says “I like the work, and I have nice colleagues. I don’t like to stay home all day and it keeps me busy”.



Natalie works in a large Sainsbury's supermarket. She has been working there full time since last December. She got the job through a friend from a previous job - they worked at Sainsbury's and told Natalie they were looking for staff.

A photo of a young woman on a bus, wearing glasses and a Sainsbury's uniformNatalie usually works on the food counters, but they are closed because of the Coronavirus. Instead she works putting together people's online orders. This keeps her very busy as there are a lot more online orders at the moment.

All staff are having to be more careful at work and make sure they stay 2 metres away from each other. They can only go one way on the stairs so they don't pass each other, so when Natalie leaves she always has to use the lift.

Natalie said: "It feels good because I like to help people, rather than sitting at home. It’s good to help people who can’t get out. I make sure everyone’s happy at the end of the day. I’m grateful to all my colleagues as well. I hope my story can encourage people. If I can do it we can all do it. Theres’s nothing I would change."

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