Lockdown at home!

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By Samuel Sellers, Self-Advocate

I have been doing different things in lockdown and doing some of the usual things differently but I am keeping busy every day.

I am doing cooking or baking on Tuesday which is a new activity. Also we have been walking along the river bank and to the village shop instead of going in the car so as I get exercise and fresh air. I have planted and watered seeds which are now growing. Me and Dad have done jigsaws.

I have enjoyed doing the work sheets that Jodie sent and have made my own A-Z lists of lots of things.

The zoom meetings and quizzes are new and are fun. It is good to see people from other places and see some friends from our usual KeyRing meetings.

I enjoy watching Britain’s Got Talent and the Sing Along With Us was fantastic. I also now enjoy the zoom sing along.

I miss going to the day centres to see my friends and miss playing football and bowling.

On Saturday I used to go on the bus and go shopping on my own but that isn’t allowed now so I can only go food shopping with Mum and I have to stay next to her all the time.

I don’t need any money in lockdown because all the shops are closed.

Me and Dad always went to the cinema and then for tea so this will be something I want to do as soon as the cinemas open.

It will be really good to see my friends and do all the things I did before lockdown but I hope we can continue some of the new things like zoom quizzes.


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