Me, my boy and mental health

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By Natasha, North Yorkshire Self-Advocacy health rep.

I am a mother to a 22 year old son.

He is having problems with some say, the hidden disease because its his mental health.

I see first hand, how it affects the whole family, I would like to take this opportunity to say if any one of you, ever feels so down/or something is worrying you please go and speak to someone, and for those living or working with you please look out for unusual behaviour as this could be a sign that your family/colleagues/or friend are struggling.

My son, is so unwell, that we had taken him out of university, and he is now having to stay with either his grandparents or his parent's house.

It’s worse than panic attacks and depression, we are still waiting for a diagnosis. So we don’t have a name, which is wrong with him yet.

First he worked closely, with the crisis team, who came and saw he was well and safe, and supported him everyday. Now he has got slightly better so the crisis team, passed on his care to the “Early intervention team” who are still working with him now.

Us parents, are now getting support from, “Mind” who are a mental health charity.

They listen to us and offer advice. Give us useful tips/exercises to do as a family to help.

It’s going to be a long road, and the reason why I am speaking out is because we had no idea, at the beginning how unwell our son was. Also, he has been suffering in silence not even knowing he was unwell himself for some years.

That’s why they call mental illness, the silent illness.

Also guys, it’s o.k not to be brave, all the time, and even have a cry. Who everyone, boys and girls, whatever age please let it out. For its medically proven that crying can help lift a person's spirits and make them feel better. As well as relieving pain, oxytocin and endorphins can help improve moods. This is why they are known as ”feel good” chemicals.

Also be there for one other, and listen to each other, remember it’s normal especially now to feel upset, and worried. Listen to birds singing, that's a reminder that we are all in this together, you aren’t alone.


For more information about self-advocacy in North Yorkshire you can follow the group on twitter and instagram. You can also contact Karen Murray at or on 07833 309 693.

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