Mental Health Awareness Week

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The words "Social and strengths-based approaches to mental health support". There is a line drawing of the top of a globe.


10th May, 10am - Social and strengths-based approaches to mental health support webinar - sign up here



Text: "Global network of living support communities". There is an illustration of people doing different activities together in different places. Text in bubbles says "join the network!" and "we support each other". There is a calendar with "Conference 12th May 2022" written on it and a bubble that says "Save the date".



12th May, 9-11am - Global Networking webinar - sign up here



Mental Health Awareness Week is Monday 9 May to Sunday 15 May. Did you know that this year the theme is loneliness? Nobody should be lonely and we think the perfect antidote is connection. So, we’ve coproduced two events that week to talk about the importance of connection and would love if you could join us.

On 10th May, we are joining up with the Association of Mental Health Providers and the World Health Organisation to talk about social and strengths based approaches to mental health. We will hear from frontline staff and people they support from KeyRing, Shared Lives and Missing Link Mental Health services, chaired by Sir Norman Lamb.

Sign up here.

On 12th May, we go global! We are celebrating how KeyRing networks grew across the world. We’ll be sharing stories of community based support and asset based approaches. It’s a great chance for other providers and their teams to get connected on a global scale.

Sign up here.

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