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The Pilotlight logoWe are excited to be working with Pilotlight to explore new ways of funding the Ancora Project in Oldham.

The Ancora Project supports people in crisis and is a collaboration with Christians Against Poverty and Oldham Foodbank. The project offers crisis support, long term training, peer support and case work, supporting around 600 people each year.

There is a high level of need for this support in Oldham, particularly as the project is able to reach those who might not typically seek support.?Service users include those who are homeless, those with mental health needs, and families who are struggling to make ends meet despite working a number of low-paid jobs. This need has been exacerbated by the Covid-19 crisis, with increasing redundancies leading to debt and challenges with the Universal Credit system. 

The project started in 2016 and is now in its final year of funding. With support from Pilotlight’s Unlocking Insights programme we will look at new ways to continue to fund this much needed work. 

Pilotlight’s CEO Ed Mayo said:

“At Pilotlight, we are delighted to welcome KeyRing as one of our charity partners. I am thrilled to see what the impact of the Unlocking Insights programme for KeyRing’s beneficiaries will be in these uncertain and challenging times for so many charities.”

Tracy Hammond, KeyRing’s Research and Innovation Director, said:

“Ancora supports some of the most vulnerable people in Oldham.  Its continuation during these difficult times is vital.  The Pilotlight programme is helping us to consider new ways to keep this work alive.  We are being challenged to think differently, to explore new avenues and to reach out to local businesses in a new way.  Our meetings are intense, spirited and hopeful and we come away energised and excited. I can't wait to see the final recommendations as they are bound to be incredibly useful.”

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