Nick's New Smartphone

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A photo of Nick holding up his new phoneNick is a bus and train enthusiast living in Gateshead. He has become an avid photographer since getting his shiny new phone.

Like many people, Nick was a bit wary of upgrading from his old style flip phone to a smartphone. He just didn’t think he had the digital skills he needed to use one.

Susan, his support worker, felt he would love it. So, a couple of months later after exploring the benefits of a smartphone with him she presented him with a new phone through our Creating Connections project. Nick was reassured that he could go back to his trusty flip phone if things didn’t work out.

Well, Nick loved the larger, clear screen and he could hear his calls so much better. He quickly learnt the basics and was calling, texting and photographing like he’s always had a smartphone.

In fact, he’d got on so well that the next time we saw him we showed him how to add shortcuts to his home screen. Nick chose several bus and train websites as well as some others.

Then the next time, we showed Nick how to use WhatsApp and he joined our local KeyRing WhatsApp group.

From there, Nick has been using his phone with very little support. He is exploring websites and generally building connections.

Susan says: “Recently, Nick asked me to show him how to upload a photo of himself (at the recent bus rally) onto the KeyRing Members WhatsApp group – he then put an accompanying message with it.

We are so pleased that Nick is enjoying his smartphone and really making the most of it. We are thrilled that his phone has enabled Nick to participate in WhatsApp and to use the internet. Nick also enjoys taking photos too – he has taken many since he received his new phone.”

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