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Shaun Webster is a KeyRing Trustee and a Member of our Rotherham network.

He also works for CHANGE, a human rights organisation led by people with learning disabilities and was awarded an MBE in 2016.

Now his story is part of a new book called Made Possible, a collection of essays by people with learning disabilities. You can find out more in his interview with The Guardian.

Shaun recently wrote about how support from KeyRing along with his friends and family helped him to build his confidence and make positive changes in his life.


"Thanks my friends and family been there for me for the bad times and good times because of my,, circle of friends and family there got me to be independent and, confidence and making my decisions for myself good or bad it still my decision and very proud to have my own voice.

I got great support from Keyring who got me to be independent and do things for myself and overtime i got more is it better and more confidence to do things for myself i like try things on my own frist if i do it I got great support from Keyring.

My friend Frank in keyring told me about a new Job in Leeds call CHANGE that was 19 years ago because he know I didn't like my Job at Currys Warehouse and he support me to get a new Job because of my reading and writing it not very good ha support me with the paperwork I needed to full in to get the Jobs and support me to get the Transport buses and train to get to Leeds because i was worry about having a Job in Leeds because it we long were from home and I never be to Leeds before, and Frank got me to be confident because he was there for me and I got great support from him and that why we need more keyring in Great Britain because keyring can change people's with learning disabilities life for the better because of great workers like Ben and Frank and other make my life for the better and very proud to be a role model and having a voice for people with learning disabilities because people's with learning disabilities got the right to live independently in the community from great support from keyring.

Good thing about keyring there want you to live independently in the community and another good thing about keyring is i had a choice to pick one out of 3 of flat to live in and i pick a flat near the shops and bus stops very proud of

Because of keyring and Flack and Ben changed my life for the better and very grateful for that.

Thank everyone's in my life from work my keyring and my family and friends and my wife."

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