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A recent study from the Kings Fund estimates that 400,000 care workers are paid less than entry level jobs at 9 out of 10 local supermarkets.

Helen Bradley, Director of Resources at KeyRing responds:

“The fact that entry level retail jobs pay more than we do to experienced and talented workers in social care is no surprise. The sector has known this for years and relies on its millions of dedicated staff, who want to work in roles meaningful to them, to accept this situation.

The sector in England is largely female ("The adult social care workforce comprised of 82% workers identifying as female, compared to 47% of the economically active population. - The State of the Adult Social Care Sector and Workforce. Skills for Care 2021.) Traditionally female roles pay less for various reasons (see this article from Forbes which although American is as true for the UK).

At KeyRing we pay above the Voluntary Living Wage in recognition of the quality and commitment of our employees. We value the fact that people have home lives and responsibilities, so we offer real flexibility and generous holiday allowance. We will continue to work with organisations such as VODG to push for investment into the sector which recognises the highly skilled support that we and other social care organisations deliver.

However, until the roles in this sector are valued as equivalent to other professions, this underpayment and inequality will continue. Government funded social care will not keep up with inflation, or compete with private employers, and when we are all in need of it most, there will be no one there to care for or support us.”

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