29 April 2020

Thank you Daniel!

Lorraine is a Member in Oldham who recently had to go into hospital.


She wanted to thank her support worker Daniel for feeding her cat whilst she was in hospital and doing her dishes as it was on her mind that it was a task that she needed to come home to - she said that Daniel was a "wonderful soul" and she couldn't thank him enough. She stated that as she was estranged from her family KeyRing were her family now and she didn't know what she would have done without KeyRing.

Before Lorraine was discharged from hospital we spoke about her care at home and what KeyRing could support her with. Lorraine told us that she has never had this kind of support before and feels truly supported by KeyRing. She stated that we have helped her emotionally, practically and she feels nurtured, something that she never had from her family.

She said that her experience with KeyRing has made her more proactive about her own care and life and she is starting to address things rather than bury her head in the sand, and ask for support when she needs it.

Lorraine "cannot thank KeyRing enough" and wishes that in a different life, she could have worked for such a brilliant organisation.