Learning from Tracy's Wisdom Project

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A photo of Tracy making a cup of tea in her flatTracy Lunney is a KeyRing Member in Woolwich.

Tracy is passionate about improving things for disabled people. She has been working with her psychologist to share some of her thoughts and experiences to help other staff in the Community Learning Disability Team improve how they work.

They have called this work Tracey’s Wisdom Project.

Tracy’s psychologist, Alison, says that Tracy “is a resilient, courageous woman with a terrific sense of humour.”

Some advice from Tracy:

"She said that she wishes people would treat her and other people with learning disabilities as being normal and did not look at her as being Tracy with the disability.

Tracy said that she does not want to feel as if she has been left on a shelf and forgotten about and she does not want other people to feel that way either.

She said that she really values it when people treat her with respect.

Tracy said that she would like to be able to trust people and wishes that people would not let you down. She also said how important it is that people do not just make assumptions and that they will speak to people with learning disabilities as a civil person because that person might be understanding and open-minded and all people need to do is give them the opportunity to speak."

As well as sharing her wisdom with the team, Tracy shares her experiences through poetry and art. She also worked with us to make a video about her experiences that has been shared with organisations like NHS England and the Association of Mental Health Providers.

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