Support networks

Support networks

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Support networks

Lives built around people not services.

As a Member of a KeyRing network you will access support through a trained team of staff and volunteers. You will live in your own place in an ordinary community.

Other network Members will live close by and you will help each other out.

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A network place offers:

Independent living skills - you will learn the skills you need to be more independent or to stay independent. This could be lots of things like helping with your money, your mail or looking after your wellbeing.

Housing related support - you might already have a home or you might need help to move to a new one. We will help you with your journey. We do not have our own houses but we have lots of contacts to help you find somewhere that is right for you.

Your home will always be in your name and is not tied to your support.

Skills and talents sharing - you might have heard of peer or mutual support. This is basically just sharing your skills with others. Trust us, you have plenty to offer. We celebrate your skills and build on them.

Sometimes this is as simple as listening to someone and being a supportive friend. Or it could be asking another Member to show you how to make a cake. It's not rocket science but it does make sure that your life is about more than visits from a support worker.

Community connection - you will live in an ordinary community. We will learn together about your local community. Things like where you can get a good cup of tea or where you can join a martial arts class. If that is what you want to do.

You will become a good neighbour and will share all of your skills to help improve your community. Your community will also look out for you and you will look out for them. It’s simple things like picking up a bottle of milk for a neighbour when it is icy.

We also have online communities that you can access. These came about because of the pandemic and have been really successful.

Trained teams – teams are trained to start with what you can do and explore how they can increase your independence. We push you to imagine more from your life and help you plan to achieve it. Further support comes from local volunteers and group support options. Access to a 24/7 support line is also provided.

We can also offer you intensive support options and one to one hours.

Flexibility – the network has built in flexibility. If you are worried about something you might call another KeyRing Member, if you are lonely you might pop to the library where you already know other people. You are always welcome to call your support worker or our 24/7 support line.

Life is not smooth. So, if we need to step up your support we can do this and then step back again when you are ready.

The more connected people are the less their lives are focused on services and the more independent they become.

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"KeyRing really thought outside the box regarding meeting P’s needs which has made a refreshing change.”

Social Worker

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