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Stewart and Samuel from the North Yorkshire Self Advocates went to a workshop on human rights run by Inclusion North.

The workshops are running again throughout the year. Find out more about about them and how to book.


IA photo of a man holding up a booklet on human rights signed up for the human rights workshop in January. It was over 2 days, the 9th and 10th of February. Two weeks before the workshop, Inclusion North sent a work pack through the post. I had a look at the pack before the workshop because I wanted to check the words and make sure I understood everything.

There was a crossword, a workbook, some example case studies and a poster with some human rights symbols on. I am pleased I get to keep the workbook and I will go back to it to complete some of the work in my own time.

The workshop was done over zoom. I have used zoom before so I was confident getting online, I clicked the link that Inclusion North had sent to me in an email and got into the room with no problems.

I think it was an important workshop to do because talking about people’s rights is important, people should be able to live their life the way they want to.

I think the course was good and I know more about human rights now than I did before, I talked to my mum about it afterwards, we had conversations about how people might need more help if their rights are affected. We talked about some of case studies in the book too; it was good to talk about them together.


A screenshot of a man on a zoom call holding an open booklet about human rightsI did the human rights workshop on the same days as Stewart. I thought that it was done well online and followed the links that Inclusion North had sent me.

The pack that I got before the workshop started was good. I read all of the information before the workshop started and I found it useful to read because it told me about what human rights are.

I was interested in doing the workshop because I like meeting new people, and I wanted to find out some more information about human rights. Human rights are important because it is about peoples choices.

After the course, I spoke to my mum about it and she told me some extra information about rights too.

My favourite bit of the workshop was on the second day because we were put into groups and read the case studies together. All of the examples included people with learning disabilities; I liked talking about them together and deciding which human rights were being affected.

The workbook I got I will use again. When I have some spare time I will go over what I have learnt about human rights.


For more information about self-advocacy in North Yorkshire you can follow the group on twitter and instagram. You can also contact Kim Sanders at or on 07717 894 468.

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