KeyRing Selected for Spring Impact's Scale Accelerator

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KeyRing has been selected to take part in this year’s Scale Accelerator, joining a cohort of five UK change-maker charities and social enterprises with an ambition to scale their impact.

Backed by The National Lottery Community Fund, Spring Impact’s Scale Accelerator is a unique programme which helps UK charities and social enterprises to scale their impact and change more lives, by providing vital support, skills and perspective. Taking place from now until September 2020, participants will benefit from an intensive programme of support, using Spring Impact’s five-stage replication process to develop a strong scale strategy.

For 30 years, we have been living and breathing 'KeyRingness' through supporting KeyRing networks, where people share skills and become valued members of their local community. 

We believe many more people could benefit through us working with suitable partners to develop KeyRing Networks under a franchise or licence and support from the Scale Accelerator programme will help us to explore this.

This an exciting opportunity for organisations to be able to say ‘we do KeyRing!’  They will be organisations that have the right culture, empowering leadership that will support staff to release their inner KeyRingness and are willing to invest time and money into improving their organisation’s already positive contribution to people’s lives.

Mike Wright, our Deputy CEO, said

"KeyRing’s network approach is particularly relevant to our times, proven as it is to reduce people’s dependency on ‘serviceland’, dramatically cutting costs, and building interdependence through connection, flexible support and skill sharing in communities. There’s a limit to what KeyRing can and wants to do directly, so we’ve committed ourselves to spreading KeyRingness far and wide through social replication.

KeyRingness is in our DNA, franchising is not, so the chance to work with experts from Spring Impact on their Scale Accelerator programme is a perfect partnership, meshing our different expertise to get the best results. We’re delighted to have their support in developing a viable franchise model, which we can then prototype and refine towards large scale development."

Contact Claire Gleeson to find out more:

07813 988 564

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